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WetGAMES Sex-Sheet - Black 180x220 cm
16.90 EUR
If you really like it wet, then prepare yourself for the ultimate playing surface.

With WetGAMES Sex Sheets you will unrestrainedly live out your suppressed fantasies together with your partner. It doesn't matter whether you're using oils, creams, body fluids or other moist pleasure enhancing liquids. Anything is permitted here. No matter on which subsurface, wetGAMES is the perfect, perfectly waterproof protection, that you can also use as mattress protection underneath your sheets.

After the action, everything can be cleaned quickly with water, desinfectant or in the washing machine (up to 30 degrees), depending on the liquids you enjoyed yourselves with.

Forget all taboos and let your desire run free!

Product details:
✓ wetness protection for wet games
✓ discrete application beneath the bed sheet
✓ easy cleaning

Material: 100% PVC
Dimensions: 70.9 x 86.6" (180 x 220 cm)
Colour: black

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